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Six Tips to Keep Your Conference Attendees Engaged and Energized After They Go Home

By: The Otesaga Resort Hotel / 16 Sep 2019
Six Tips to Keep Your Conference Attendees Engaged and Energized After They Go Home

With all of the hard work and meticulous planning that goes into making sure your event goes off without a hitch, it's natural to want to slow things down after it's all over. However, riding that wave of momentum can help build excitement for next year, ensuring that attendees make plans to register again...and maybe tell a friend! Here are some tips to keep your conference participants engaged with your organization after they go home:

Thank You, Thank You

Don't let too much time pass after your event ends before you send out a thank you to your attendees. Whether it's a letter (a nice touch for smaller conferences) or an email, be sure to show your gratitude for supporting your organization, including the highlights of the event and encourage attendees to post their photos or favorite moments on social media, using your event hashtag.

Survey Says...

A great way to keep attendees engaged between events is to hear what they have to say. Send out a survey to see what they found particularly inspiring and what could be improved for next year. Ask for their wishlist of keynote speakers and panels; giving ownership of the planning process is a surefire way to ensure that attendees will have your event circled on their calendar well in advance.

Post It

Your event may be over, but that doesn't mean your social media accounts should go dormant. Make sure you keep posting, whether you're mining user-generated content from your event or giving gentle reminders to register early for next year's event.

There's an App for That

Event apps are a handy tool during your event, but can also be useful post-conference, too. Update it with information for next year's event as details are finalized - date, venue, lodging, program. Also, many people utilize event apps for networking, so it's important to keep information current.

Content is King

If you have a blog, make sure you're creating new content. Providing updates on next year's event or sharing the results of your attendees' survey are just a couple of ways to keep the momentum going for next year's conference. Sharing articles and trends relevant to your industry will also help keep you at the forefront. With audience growth for video continuing to grow rapidly, consider posting behind-the-scenes footage of the planning process or even a live announcement to promote next year's event.

Win Big

Finally, everybody loves a giveaway. Create a campaign where the winner will receive discounted registration or a reduced rate at the conference hotel. Not only is it a great way to build your email list, it will also keep your conference attendees engaged with your organization and eager to participate in all of next year's fun.

Building momentum throughout the year until your next successful event is all about maintaining your organization's presence in your attendees' world - whether that's through social media, blog and video content or keeping them hooked with a great promotion. When you're ready to start planning your next event, contact the experts at The Otesaga for a conference your attendees will rave about all year.

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