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Strut Your Stuff: 5 Savvy Ways to Use Attendee Social Content at Your Event

By: The Otesaga Resort Hotel / 16 Aug 2019
Strut Your Stuff: 5 Savvy Ways to Use Attendee Social Content at Your Event
Your conference is finally underway; attendees are arriving and eager to participate in all of the interesting events you have planned. One surefire way to keep everyone engaged is through social media. Sharing your participants' posts is a great way to promote your conference and get real-time reactions to the various speakers and sessions you've planned. Here are five ways to utilize user generated content at your event to show the folks at home what they're missing.


Before your event begins, you'll need to have a catchy hashtag so attendees can properly tag you in their posts. Make sure it's front and center in your marketing, too; many conference-goers use hashtags to network with their fellow attendees before the event.

Team Work

Have a member (or two) of your team dedicated to posting for the event. Whether it's tweeting quotes from keynote speakers or sharing user-generated content from your attendees, having a staff member take charge of your event's social media presence encourages participants to post, as well, and be a part of the conversation.

On Display

Use a social media aggregation tool like Tagboard or Everwall to compile posts for a social wall. Using your event hashtag, these tools will cull all the relevant posts, allowing you to display them on a large screen. Engage your attendees with real time reactions to different panels and speakers and increase the impact of your event.


While your event itself will no doubt be filled with tweetable content, give attendees a reason to let loose and promote your conference. Set up a photo booth with plenty of props and let participants show off their fun side. In the end, all work and no play makes for a very dull meeting!

See You Next Year!

After your event is over, use your attendees' social posts as a way to generate interest for next year. Show the people who opted not to attend this year what they missed: all the interesting speakers, fun networking events and inspiring views!

Using your attendees' social media content is the perfect way to give an inside look at your event. It will save you the hassle of trying to capture everything your conference has to offer and engage conference participants in a more meaningful way. Contact the experts at The Otesaga to see how we can help with the planning process.

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