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In with the New: 5 Meeting & Conference Trends for 2020

By: The Otesaga Resort Hotel / 16 Dec 2019
In with the New: 5 Meeting & Conference Trends for 2020

As 2019 draws to a close, it's time for event and meeting planners to think about the upcoming trends that will make their attendees' conference experience a positive one. Whether it's environmental responsibility or ensuring participants have plenty of relaxing downtime, here are some things to consider when planning your 2020 events:

Easy Being Green

Prioritizing sustainability in your conference plans is more than just a good look for your business or organization, it's becoming increasingly expected by attendees. Choosing a venue with a similar mindset is vital, whether it's through cutting down on single-use cups and utensils or using local vendors for food and beverage. Of course, attendee travel takes a toll on the sustainability of your event, but providing attendees with information on how to offset their carbon footprint is a must.

Healthy and Delicious

Meeting planners know that creating the perfect menu for attendees is crucial. While vegetarian options are not new to a planner's vocabulary, you might want to shift your thinking to make plant-based menu items more of the norm, not an alternative that attendees need to specifically request. Incorporating vegetarian meals into your main menu goes right along with sustainability efforts, and will reflect the larger, global trend toward a plant-based diet.

All Work, All Play

Bleisure travel continues to be a popular option for attendees, so it's important to consider location when choosing your conference venue. With more and more people looking to combine some extended time away with work travel, make sure that your conference hotel has all of the amenities they'll need to relax when the meeting is over. Of course, a peaceful lakeside setting wouldn't hurt, either.

More Mindful Meetings

Incorporating mindfulness and wellness into your conference itinerary is something that attendees will be looking for in 2020. With the stress of travel, meeting new people, and being thrown off your regular routine, it's important to make time for participants to find balance during the hectic schedule of meetings. Search for venues that can provide relaxation for your attendees, whether you create a designated meditation area, help schedule massages, or coordinate outdoor recreation time.

There's an App for That...

Event apps are not a new trend but their use at conferences is becoming increasingly the norm, and something that attendees expect. Attendees are more reliant on apps to find basic information about scheduling, event accommodations, and more in an effort to save time as well as not waste paper. If you haven't already, meetings planners should strongly consider using an event app to consolidate and communicate all of the important details participants will need before, during, and after your event. When planning your 2020 conference, keeping the environment and your attendees' well-being in mind are just some of the trends to watch this year. Contact The Otesaga to see how our upstate New York hotel fits the bill for some of the trends listed here, and how our staff's expertise will make your job that much easier.

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