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Holiday in July: Planning Ahead for Your Winter Meeting

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 14 Jul 2023
Holiday in July: Planning Ahead for Your Winter Meeting

As summer heats up, it may seem odd to think about winter meetings. However, taking the time to plan ahead during the summer months has many benefits. At the Otesaga, winter is a serene time of year, with guests getting a different view of Otsego Lake's beauty. Read on for tips to consider as you start to think winter!

The Perfect Fit

By planning your winter meeting in summer, you gain a significant advantage in terms of venue availability. Starting early allows you to have a wide range of options and increased flexibility in choosing the venue that meets all of your requirements. At our scenic lakeside resort, we have a variety of flexible meeting spaces to choose from, whether your group needs a small conference room or a ballroom for larger gatherings. Getting a jump on planning will give you an advantage when selecting the perfect space.

A Good Deal

Early planning often translates to cost savings. Booking flights, accommodations, and venues well in advance can result in discounted rates and better deals. If you're planning a destination event, airlines often have early bird promotions and special offers during the summer months, allowing you and your attendees to save money

Tackle the Details

Organizing a successful meeting involves meticulous coordination of logistics. By planning in advance, you can take ample time to streamline all the necessary arrangements. This includes booking transportation, planning menus, preparing audio-visual equipment, and ensuring that everything else is in order. By tackling these details during the summer months, you can avoid the last-minute rush, reduce stress, and ensure a smooth execution of your winter meeting.

Getting the Word Out

When you plan ahead, you can create a comprehensive agenda and engage your attendees early on with marketing. By providing plenty of advanced notice, you allow participants to clear their schedules, and make necessary travel arrangements. Sharing your completed agenda allows participants to contribute ideas, suggest changes, and collaborate on the meeting's objectives. This involvement fosters a sense of ownership, leading to a more productive meeting and attendees who are more engaged in the event.


Summer planning for your winter meeting offers a multitude of benefits. By securing the ideal venue, enjoying cost savings, streamlining logistics, and enhancing attendee engagement, you set the stage for a successful event. Contact the experienced staff at the Otesaga to start planning your winter event at our upstate New York resort!

The Otesaga Resort Hotel remains steadfast in our efforts to ensure the health and safety of our staff and guests. We continue to adhere to our strict cleaning and safety guidelines. Please visit our website for more information on Otesaga CARE - our commitment to a Clean And Responsible Environment.

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