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The Year Ahead: Planning Your 2021 Meeting

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 15 Dec 2020
The Year Ahead: Planning Your 2021 Meeting

The Year Ahead: Planning Your 2021 Meeting

With a new year on the horizon, many are looking to leave 2020 behind for better days ahead. As the meeting planning industry has worked quickly to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic, 2021 will bring new hurdles but also renewed hope that the crisis will eventually subside. Here are some ideas to consider as you plan for events in the coming months.

Get Creative

The saying "necessity is the mother of invention" certainly applies to event planning in 2020. Virtual, hybrid, and small group meetings are all ways that businesses and organizations have been able to stay connected and continue to hold events. Moving forward, organizations might look to a multi-location hybrid model in place of big annual meetings. Small, in-person local sessions connect virtually with keynote speakers and more general sessions. While coordinating the technology needed to support this style of conference might be difficult and not within your budget, it does provide a way for team members who are unable to travel to collaborate and connect with one another.

Be Flexible

For companies looking to gather in-person, small group meetings have provided a means to gather team members. Instead of large venues, smaller spaces that are equipped with proper technology and equipment and flexible meeting spaces are on the rise. Smaller venues are a great option for organizations looking to hold regional meetings as opposed to large national conferences. Of course, reducing the size of your meeting can also be beneficial if you're working with a leaner budget in the new year. Instead of choosing a location that attendees will need to fly to, sticking closer to home will help keep costs down.

While everyone is anxious for a return to normalcy, 2021 will still require creative thinking from meeting planners to ensure that events are thoughtfully organized and safe for all participants. If your team is ready to meet in-person for a small group meeting or a hybrid event, contact our experienced staff at The Otesaga to start the planning process.

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