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Creating a Sustainable Menu for Your Meeting

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 23 Aug 2021
Creating a Sustainable Menu for Your Meeting

As in person meetings become routine once more, planners are looking for ways to have a safe, but sustainable event. Making environmentally friendly decisions, particularly when it comes to how your venue prepares and disposes of food is one way to have a positive impact. Read on for some ways to bring a green approach as you plan your next meeting.

Make Something New


The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that up to 40% of food in the US is never eaten. Meetings and conferences play a role in this, as well, with unused food and over-sized portions ending up in the trash. Make sure your event doesn't add to this staggering statistic by choosing a venue that handles food waste responsibly. At The Otesaga, we do our part by composting all of our pre- and post-consumer food waste. Our kitchen fryer oil is also reused to make biodiesel fuel, giving it a new purpose instead of being discarded.

Know Your Farmer


Choosing a menu for your meeting is one of the most important parts of the planning process. The benefit of working with a venue that uses local vendors is that it reduces the carbon footprint of your event, but it also has the bonus of delicious meals full of fresh ingredients. One of the many advantages in our upstate New York location is the abundance of local farms. The Otesaga's Executive Chef Jim Perillo works with several nearby purveyors to bring his flavorful creations to life, including Painted Goat Farm in Garrattsville, NY and Chicory Creek Farms in Mount Vision, NY.

There are myriad ways sustainability can be incorporated into your meeting planning process, especially when it comes to menus and meal preparation. The Otesaga has implemented many green initiatives throughout the resort which we continue to build upon. Contact our sales team today to plan your next meeting and learn more about our Perk Up Winter Meeting Special!

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