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Cooperstown, NY Gracious Hospitality since 1909
60 Lake St, Cooperstown, New York 13326
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The Green Wedding Initiatives Program

The Otesaga Resort Hotel is dedicated to preserving and protecting its home, Cooperstown, NY, America's most perfect village. Over the past few years we have strived to reduce our ecological footprint by incorporating environmental best practices wherever we can. Our commitment is also reflected in weddings at The Hotel. Below are some of the initiatives we have undertaken:
  • Your wedding guests are informed about our linen and towel reuse program.
  • Hotel guest-assisted recycling has been initiated.
  • Paper is recycled in all of our administrative areas.
  • Cardboard is recycled throughout The Hotel.
  • Glass, plastic & metal products are recycled throughout The Hotel.
  • The Hotel has installed water-conserving toilets.
  • Low-flow showerheads are utilized in guest room baths.
  • Guest room windows have been upgraded for high efficiency.
  • All lawn waste is composted regularly.
  • Retired Hotel furnishings are donated to local shelters.
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs have replaced traditional lighting where applicable.
  • We practice paperless billing, guest and internal communication wherever possible.
  • Our kitchen fryer oil is re-used to make bio-diesel fuel.
  • We track generations of solid waste.
  • The Hotel's energy consumption is constantly monitored.
  • We purchase goods from local vendors whenever possible.
  • We maximize the use of environmentally friendly products on our Leatherstocking Golf Course.
  • Earth-friendly paper and plastic guest supplies are used constantly.
  • Composting all pre and post consumer food waste.
  • Utilizing composted material throughout Cooperstown.
  • Future Plans
  • More environmentally-friendly cleaning products will be used throughout The Hotel.
  • Our earth-friendly product usage will continue to increase