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Winter Skin Care

By: The Otesaga / 13 Dec 2016

Winter can bring on a lot of feelings: the crisp, cold weather and beautiful snowfalls, the warmth of fireside chats with family and friends during the holidays, the anxiety of driving in the snow, the exhilaration of downhill skiing and, of course, the infamous skin dryness.

Here in Cooperstown, we're no strangers to the cold, dry air of winter. We know it can be frustrating. But caring for your skin in the winter doesn't necessarily have to be a nightmare; it can be fun and even therapeutic if you take the time to treat yourself right! Taking care of your skin during the winter season boils down to developing healthy, consistent habits (or breaking bad ones). We've laid out some of our best tips and practices of how to take care of your body!

-Moisturize regularly: everyone knows that moisturizer is the greatest weapon you can use to fight dry skin. "It seems like such a simple process, but we really can forget these things easily," says Hawkeye Spa Esthetician Andrea Hall, "Getting ourselves into the habit of just applying moisturizers twice a day can make all the difference for your skin." There are a myriad of options out there to choose from, but many of them will indicate their strength and type on the label clearly. Which brings us to our second tip…

-Know your skin type: lots of different people in the world means lots of different skin types! Moisturizing products are made by large companies that know this, so there's a variety of different lotions and creams out there on the shelves. Do you get breakouts? Do you get oily skin? Do you sweat a lot when working out? There are lots of factors that go into your skin type. You can learn all about it online or by making an appointment with one of our certified estheticians at The Hawkeye Spa!

-Pat your skin dry after showering: rubbing your skin down in the winter can strip off and irritate skin layers if it's already dry and irritated. Patting down your skin can help retain some moisture.

-Diet: what you're eating and drinking can play a role in your skin's hydration. Eating healthy has many benefits; taking care of your skin is just one of them! Most importantly, staying hydrated by drinking the proper amount of water is always a best practice for ensuring your skin stays healthy in the winter.

-Sunscreen: Wait, sunscreen? Yes really! The sun can damage your skin in winter just as it can in summer. Little things like this can have a major impact on your skin's health. "People forget about the sun in the Winter," Hall explains, "it might seem like we never see the sun, but its power can be amplified in the Winter by snow glare. Think of it as a similar effect to being out on a lake in the height of the summer sun, getting that heavy glare off the water. We need to protect our skin during every season for our own good!"

-Crank the humidifier: humidifiers are a great way to temper the dry air that gets blasted through heating systems in the winter. Since winter air is already dry to begin with, having a humidifier can help bring some balance to the air in your home.

-Spa treatments: don't be afraid to give yourself a spa day to really kick-start the new routines! Spending a day at a spa can truly reset your mind and allow you the perspective to make the commitment to change your habits. Here at The Otesaga Resort Hotel, The Hawkeye Spa is ready to treat your every need. Stop by for a day of relaxation and get going on implementing those new, skin-healthy practices! The Hawkeye Spa also carries a wide array of Naturopathica skin products to help you get started.

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