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Why Destination Meetings are More Effective

By: The Otesaga Resort Hotel / 15 Jul 2018
Why Destination Meetings are More Effective

A productive workplace meeting should provide a platform to communicate what's happening within the business and industry to the members of the team, brainstorm ideas and formulate new concepts, make decisions about projects and tasks, and address management issues. Unfortunately, routine office meetings that are held in the same space over and over are counterintuitive and often viewed by participants as a waste of time. Here are some reasons why destination meetings are more effective.

5 Reasons to Hold Meetings Offsite

Change of Scenery

Routine and familiarity can be comforting. However, they can also cause stagnation. In the work environment, when an employee is bored or feels like they're on a hamster wheel, productivity and ingenuity are shown to decrease. Destination meetings can help stimulate creativity and help generate the ability to focus better. A fresh space will help bring about fresh ideas.

Neutral Territory

Destination meetings help level the playing field among staff. A neutral environment can help foster a sense of community between management and employees. In turn, this can help create opportunities for better communication, free sharing of ideas, and build morale.

Team Building Opportunities

Team building is an often overlooked opportunity to build alliances among coworkers. Destination meetings can not only provide the additional space needed to facilitate group exercises (having your team set up a tent while blindfolded is a fun one!), it can also be a part of the experience itself. For example, holding a meeting at a location that has access to a nature area and taking attendees on a walk or short hike is a great way to get creative juices flowing. Alternately, a venue with a bar or lounge where people can gather for after-hours bonding is another way to help your team meld.

Fewer Distractions

Meetings take employees away from tasks that they feel are more important or relevant, so often times, they'll continue to try to work during a meeting. By holding a destination meeting, the tone is set to ensure employees have cleared their calendar and know that they are expected to participate. Offsite meetings also get rid of common day-to-day distractions such as ringing phones, deliveries, and office mishaps like a malfunctioning copy machine that requires nine people to fix it.

Details are Handled

One of the great luxuries of holding a destination meeting is that all the details are handled. Tables and chairs are arranged. Audiovisual equipment is set up and tested to guarantee it's in working order. Refreshments are provided or scheduled to be delivered at an agreed upon time. Having these details covered ensures the meeting begins and ends on time and operates smoothly for the duration of the timeframe you've set aside.

Best Choice for Destination Meetings in Cooperstown

Holding a meeting outside of the normal workspace is a great way to eliminate monotony and encourage productivity. The Otesaga Resort Hotel is a fantastic choice for your destination meeting. The hotel offers more than 30,000 square feet of meeting and event space and provides complimentary wireless high-speed internet, audiovisual equipment, catering, luxury lakeside accommodations, and superb, professional staff to help make your meeting as flawless as possible. Consider holding your next meeting at The Otesaga Resort Hotel, located in the heart of Cooperstown, and see how effective destination meetings can be.

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