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Three Ways to Get Your Team Excited About Teambuilding

By: The Otesaga / 13 Dec 2016

Studies have shown that interpersonal relations are one of the most important indicators of employee satisfaction. At The Otesaga, we know that teambuilding activities are a great way to build and strengthen relationships and increase trust within your team. While the idea of teambuilding is not new, there are new trends within the industry every year. Here are three of the top trends in corporate teambuilding activities today.

Get Out and Get Active

Outdoor activities are a great change of pace from standard indoor meetings. Teambuilding activities outside—think scavenger hunts, cook-offs and sand-sculpting—offer the perfect opportunity for attendees to revitalize in the middle of a longer conference or event. Getting outside and being active can improve concentration, refresh participants and inspire innovative thinking. Additionally, outdoor teambuilding activities allow participants to experience the natural beauty of your venue location.

Cultivate Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community is a growing trend among teambuilding experiences. Bringing social responsibility to a meeting setting can be as simple as donating leftover meeting clothing and bags to a local nonprofit organization. Other ideas include creating an entire meeting session dedicated to the importance of reaching out to others or organizing a volunteer event in conjunction with local or national charities.

Practice Mindfulness

Stress, although generally accepted as part of modern day life, can have a negative impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. Mindfulness practices, such as contemplative meditation and yoga, have been shown to effectively help manage stress and increase resiliency. Mindfulness teambuilding activities teach participants to cultivate wellbeing and reduce stress by being in the moment. During a mindfulness teambuilding event, you may want to have participants brainstorm ways to continue their mindfulness practice after the event is over. Many attendees are fully engaged during mindfulness events but struggle to incorporate the techniques into their lives when they return to their regular schedule.
When you plan your next meeting, don't overlook the benefits of meaningful teambuilding activities. And, as you compare venues, consider how well each location will be able to help you incorporate innovative and exciting teambuilding activities into your event.

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