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Three Food Trends for Meetings and Events

By: The Otesaga / 15 Nov 2016

While speakers and content are the main draws of any event, the food is often just as memorable for attendees. Planners have long known that food is more than just sustenance at meetings. At The Otesaga, we know that being on top of food trends is a great way to set your event apart. We've compiled some of the current food trends for meetings and events.

Local Flavors

Many attendees travel for meetings and enjoy experiencing the uniqueness of the venue location. When it comes to food, this includes locally-sourced ingredients and local flavors. At The Otesaga, we offer a taste of Cooperstown and New York state with dishes featuring local flair and a variety of locally-sourced ingredients, including cheeses, meats and vegetables. The focus on local also extends to your beverage options. The popularity of craft beers is on the rise nationwide. Offering a few selections from a local microbrewery—or even a local soda company—gives attendees a chance to try something entirely new.

Alternative Proteins

Over the past few years, the demand has grown for alternative protein sources on catering menus. High-protein grains, such as quinoa and amaranth, are gaining a presence on catering menus across the country, alongside long-time favorites like tofu and tempeh. In addition to being vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, these proteins also meet the requirements of a gluten-free diet.

Small Plates

Whether served at a reception, meal, or break, food brings people together. Small plate reception service naturally encourages networking, one of the main reasons people attend conferences in the first place. The natural movement to and from the food stations keeps up the energy level in the space and prevents a break in the overall flow of the event. Small plate service also gives attendees the opportunity to sample a variety of amazing dishes and flavors while sharing a plate of something delicious with new friends or long-time colleagues.

We have been providing gracious hospitality and world-class service at The Otesaga for over a century. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that unforgettable food is the best complement to a well-planned meeting. Incorporating one or all of these three food trends into your next meeting will inspire and delight your attendees.

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