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Thankful & Mindful: Ways to Give Back During Your Event

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 15 Nov 2022

Meeting planning involves so much focus on the attendee experience and making sure that the takeaways for participants are worth their time. One important factor to consider, though, is showing support for your host destination. Including a philanthropic component to your event is a way to connect your organization to something bigger. Here are some ideas to give back during your next meeting.

Drive Time

Setting up a food drive for the local food pantry is an excellent way to foster good will with your host destination. Contact the pantry in advance to see what items they need most, then be sure to include that information for attendees prior to your event. Be sure to document delivery of your donated items so you can share on social media, another way to direct attention to a worthy organization.

Give it Away

At the end of your event, you may find yourself with leftover swag items, like pens, notepads, flash drives, or tote bags. With a little research beforehand, you can identify organizations that might be able to use these. Local schools would be a good place to check in with to donate stationery items, and the local farmers' market might be able to reuse cloth tote bags to offer to their shoppers. Donating your leftover swag will put these items to good use, rather than collecting dust in a storage closet until your next event.

Make Space

If you're planning a larger conference with exhibitor booths, offer a free spot to a local charity so they can share their mission with attendees. Spotlight an organization that shares similar goals as your own or a cause that will connect with your attendees. Whether your conference is regional or national, bringing awareness to charitable causes is a great way to give back to your host destination and its local community.

The Thanksgiving season offers a perfect reminder to broaden your focus when organizing your next conference. Your event will have deeper meaning when you find ways to give back to your host community. When planning your next meeting at The Otesaga, we can help guide you toward local organizations in need. Contact us today to discover all that our lakeside resort has to offer for your event.

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