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Team Well-Being: Making Time for Mindfulness

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 15 Jul 2021
Team Well-Being: Making Time for Mindfulness

As teams make their way back into the office and in person meetings become more regular, the stresses of pandemic work haven't fully dissipated. Now more than ever it's important to make sure your employees are making space in their busy schedules to breathe and be in the moment. Here are some tips for encouraging your team to keep distractions at bay:

Walk it Out

The ultimate goal of a meeting is to tackle a problem as a team, and walk away inspired to face a challenge. While the process requires a lot of brain power, it can be a sedentary experience. Schedule blocks of time for employees to take a casual walk or challenging hike, depending on their comfort level. Stepping away from the conference table to take in the beauty of nature is a great way to stay centered and enjoy the present moment. Situated on the shores of Lake Otsego, The Otesaga offers a beautiful view for your team to gaze upon as they stroll the grounds of the resort, and the Cooperstown area has many scenic trails to get the adrenaline pumping.

Distraction-Free Zone

Multitasking is often thought of as a positive trait in the professional world, but it also has the potential to be distracting and disruptive to the meeting process. Whenever possible, ask your team to put their phones away and shut their laptops during a meeting. This will allow everyone to focus on the task at hand, and potentially lead to a more engaging and productive session. With everyone physically together in one place, you want to make sure that everyone is mentally present, and ensure that your meeting isn't a waste of time.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

With your team gathered together for a meeting, take the opportunity to introduce those who are unfamiliar, or out of practice, with mindfulness techniques. Bring in a meditation coach to lead your employees through some breathing exercises during one of your sessions. Don't make it a one-time novelty, though; encourage your team to implement their own meditation practices as part of their workday.

As you organize your next meeting, keep mindfulness at the forefront of your planning. Building strategies into the culture of your workplace will go a long way in helping your team maintain these practices so that they become a part of the routine. Plan your team retreat at The Otesaga, where our serene lakeside setting offers inspiring views that are sure to help your staff shed some stress.

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