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Make Time for Downtime: Including Wellness in Your Meeting Itinerary

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 15 Aug 2022
Make Time for Downtime: Including Wellness in Your Meeting Itinerary

Meetings and conferences can be a great source of inspiration for your team. With all of the planning that goes into aligning brainstorming sessions and keynote speakers with your organization's needs, it's important to also make sure that attendees aren't overwhelmed with too much information. Incorporating wellness breaks into your schedule is a way of helping your team thrive and not burn out. Read on for suggestions on how our lakeside resort can help integrate mind, body, and spirit into your next meeting.

Get Your Rest

One of the best ways to take care of your team during a meeting is through scheduling. Ensuring that your attendees are rested and ready to take on the day's itinerary is important. Be mindful of not starting events too early or ending them too late. While you want to make the most of your meeting time, you also don't want to have exhausted participants counting down the hours until they can go home and get some sleep!

Work it Out

For some attendees, having time to exercise or meditate helps to stave off the effects of sitting for long stretches of time during meetings. If there are breaks in your schedule, give your team options for yoga or fitness classes. The Otesaga offers lakeside yoga at the resort and guests have access to the nearby Clark Sports Center for indoor rock climbing, group fitness classes, and more.

Make Connections

Your meeting is a great opportunity to gather team members together who are working remotely with their in-office counterparts. Planning group activities will help foster a deeper connection between attendees, and help ease some of the isolation that remote workers have been experiencing. At The Otesaga, you can book group activities during your meeting that will suit your teams' needs, whether it's Vinyasa Yoga, Tai Chi Hikes, or a Classic Wine Tasting class.

Set your team up for success with a meeting that leaves room for wellness. Whether it's through group activities or free time for attendees to improve their mindset, incorporating more mindful activities can lead to stronger team bonding and more inspired ideas. Contact our experienced team to learn more about our versatile meeting spaces, recreational activities, and more.

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