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A Cozy Cocktail to Warm Up Your Fall Nights

By: Otesaga Resort Hotel / 27 Oct 2022
A Cozy Cocktail to Warm Up Your Fall Nights

As the fall weather becomes colder, we all seek out ways to warm up those chilly nights. Whether it's a hot toddy by the fireside, a bottle of red for two, or a toast with a cozy cocktail, there are so many ways to warm up your autumn evening. Read on to learn more about a favorite cocktail at our lakeside resort, as well as a recipe to try out at home.

Cheers to Staying Warm

As the seasons change, so does our taste for sip-worthy drinks. At Hawkeye Bar & Grill, that means mixing up cocktails to reflect the moment. For guests looking to add a little heat to their fall night out, the Angry Upstater is the perfect choice. Our take on the Nor'easter cocktail, the Angry Upstater features local ingredients, including Cooperstown Distillery's Cooperstown Beanball Bourbon as well as Saranac Ginger Beer. Our habanero infused maple syrup adds a memorable spicy-sweet kick. Whether you're chatting with friends at the bar or lingering over a nightcap during date night, be on the lookout for this seasonal cocktail as the colder weather creeps in.

Try our Angry Upstater recipe at home to tide you over until your next Otesaga getaway!

Angry Upstater


  • 2oz - Cooperstown Beanball Bourbon
  • 1/2oz - Habanero Infused Maple Syrup
  • 1/2oz- Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2oz - Ginger Beer (Saranac)

Combine all ingredients over ice, making sure to stir the cocktail before finishing with the ginger beer; real maple syrup will not dissolve without being agitated. To make the Habanero Infused Maple Syrup, use 8 ounces of maple syrup to 1 habanero chili pepper, finely slice the pepper, and add to syrup with seeds. Microwave the maple syrup and peppers for one minute, leave covered to steep for three hours or as long as overnight. After the steep, strain out the pepper pieces. The syrup can be saved for one month to use for more cocktails, or it can be used on pancakes to spice up your morning, or a finishing glaze on salmon.

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