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5 Things We Love About The Farmers' Museum

By: The Otesaga Resort Hotel / 07 Aug 2018
5 Things We Love About The Farmers Museum

The Historic Village

The Historic Village consists of more than 20 structures from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. All of the buildings were found in communities around New York and were carefully relocated and restored to provide an authentic example of what rural life, both commercial and domestic, looked like around the turn of the century. The buildings that comprise the display are diverse in purpose; there is a Blacksmith shop, doctor's office, general store, and church, among other structures and houses.

Lippitt Farmstead

The Lippitt Farmstead is truly a step back in time! The 19th-century farm is fully functioning so visitors can experience how a farm operated during that period. The farmstead includes several refurbished buildings including the farmhouse, two barns, a smokehouse, and animal sheds. Raising crops, including hops which was the biggest agricultural product during the middle of the 19th-century, and animals for food and wool were essential for survival. Today, the thriving gardens and barnyard are a fun place t

o visit. Youngsters will especially love the animals that reside on the farm.

The Empire State Carousel

A traditional country fair ride, the Empire State Carousel is a gorgeous work of art that is not only a treat to ride, its intricate details beautifully represent New York State's folklore. There are 25 hand-carved animals that reflect the agriculture and natural resources known to the region as well as murals and carvings that highlight historically significant people and places. The carousel is open during regular museum hours.

Daily Activities for All Ages

There's never a dull day at The Farmers' Museum! Daily activities and special happenings around the museum provide opportunities for all ages to participate in hands-on demonstrations and learn more about the ways of life from an era gone by. New in 2018 - Hops on Tap offers both adults and kids something to be fascinated by. Discover why Cooperstown used to be called Hop City, take a specialized Hoppy Trails Tour. Activities differ each day so be sure to check the Daily Activities page for a full list of upcoming programs and special announcements.

Home to "America's Greatest Hoax"

The Cardiff Giant, a ten-foot-long statue-like figure carved from gypsum and buried to then be "discovered" by two workmen digging a well was a hoax masterminded by George Hull in the late 1860s. People traveled for miles to view the petrified giant, said to be a specimen of an ancient race mentioned in the Bible, which made Mr. Hull a fortune. The Farmers' Museum acquired the get-rich-quick scheme relic in 1947 where it has been on display ever since.

It's No Hoax, Cooperstown is a Great Place to Visit

If you're looking for a fun-filled family-friendly getaway that sparks the imagination and offers ample educational opportunities, a visit to Cooperstown is a must! Our lodging and dining options make planning your trip easy.

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